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Initial Naturopathic Consultation $165.00 (60 minutes)

A typical consultation includes-

  • Delving into the health issues you want to see resolved and the aspects of your health around which you want support
  • A chance to tell your health story and work with your practitioner to come up with a personalised treatment plan
  • Relevant physical examinations to establish your health baseline & allow us to track progress in subsequent sessions (only those you are comfortable with)
  • Setting short-term goals around dietary and lifestyle changes that you can implement as soon as you leave
  • Planning for long-term results and establishing where you would like to be with your health
  • Exploring whether further testing and/or medical care will be useful to support your long-term progression
  • Providing or preparing for any prescribed herbal medicines and/or nutraceuticals (supplements) that will support your needs.
To allow the required time to address your needs as thoroughly as possible in the initial appointment, we require you to complete the comprehensive Client Intake Form (10-15 minutes) before attending, which will be in your booking confirmation email.

Follow Up Consultation $110.00 (45 minutes)

Follow-up consultations incorporate-

  • Up to 45 minutes of consultation, usually 2-3 weeks from the previous appointment
  • Assessment of your progress, using baselines from your initial appointment
  • Adjustments and additional dietary and lifestyle changes to continue to build you towards optimal health
  • Testing, or evaluating results from tests, and incorporating this into treatment goals where appropriate

Standard Acute/Emergency Consultation $30.00

15 minute consultation by phone/Zoom for existing clients only

Extended Acute/Emergency Consultation $60.00

30 minute consultation by phone/Zoom for existing clients only

Mobile Visit $250 (60 minutes)

At home consultation within 20km radius. Please contact us to see if you're eligible).

Mini Health Review $75 (30 minutes)

Choose from one of the below-

  • Supplement Review- to evaluate your current supplement and medication regime and adjusting where needed to ensure it is optimal for your individual needs. Factors we will look at include brands, drug-supplement interactions, dose, timing, quality, special requirements etc.
  • Dietary Intake Review- looking at your food and beverage intake and how your digestive system is currently functioning so we can make improvements to alleviate symptoms and improve nutrient utilisation.
  • Flower Essences- a consult to tailor make a remedy to help you deal with emotional and mental upset such as grief, anxiety, overthinking, major life events and changes, phobias, social fears, apathy and lack of concentration. Please note that using flower essences is not a replacement for other measures that are in place for the above and if greater care is needed, the appropriate professional support should be sought out.
  • Lifestyle Habit Formation- If you are struggling with sleep, energy levels, developing an exercise schedule or have one small area that you would like some advice for, we can go through this together and come up with some strategies (and remedies/supplements where appropriate) for you to overcome it.

Discovery Call Free (15 minutes)

Book in this free call to have a chat with us to find out more about what we can help you achieve, before you commit.

Space appointments as you require (in most cases, around 2-3 weeks between consults works well)

Upgrade from a smaller package to a larger one at any time



Off to a Good Start (3 Consultations)- Initial 60 minute consult + 2 x 45 minute follow-ups- $320 (save $65)

  • This is an ideal way to start if you would like to test the waters, or have a specific or minor health issue to resolve
  • Three sessions are recommended as a minimum in order to monitor your progress and response to treatments as well as make adjustments and additions needed

Up and Running (5 Consultations)- Initial 60 minute consult + 4 x 45 minute follow-ups- $520 (save $85)

  • For multiple complaints and those requiring a longer resolution time
  • Longer timeframe of consistent support and advice to keep you on track

Well On Your Way (10 Consultations)- Initial 60 minute consult + 9 x 45 minute follow-ups- $1000 (save $155)

  • If you are interested in establishing long-term health habits, routines and changes to support your optimal health for years to come, with the support to ensure you continue to build on improvements in alignment with where you are at each step
  • Some health concerns and chronic illness require a longer time for improvement (think of how widespread or how long your situation has been around for) and this package will ensure you have on-going support as we navigate the ups and downs of illness recovery and remission

28 Day Health Program- $680

Includes weekly nutrition and naturopathy zoom consultations alongside weekly consults and training with personal trainer, Steffan Scutti (@steffanlongdrivegolf). As part of the program, we will prescribed nutrients and herbs if it fits the clinical picture. Exercise programs are tailored for beginners and intermediate fitness levels, with and without equipment. We also provide a recipe e-book with over 60 recipes, including detailed nutrient profiles.