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Initial Naturopathic Consultation $165.00 (60 minutes)

A typical consultation includes-
Delving into the health issues you want to see resolved and the aspects of your health around which you want support
A chance to tell your health story and work with your practitioner to come up with a personalised treatment plan
Relevant physical examinations to establish your health baseline & allow us to track progress in subsequent sessions (only those you are comfortable with)
Setting short-term goals around dietary and lifestyle changes that you can implement as soon as you leave
Planning for long-term results and establishing where you would like to be with your health
Exploring whether further testing and/or medical care will be useful to support your long-term progression
Providing or preparing for any prescribed herbal medicines and/or nutraceuticals (supplements) that will support your needs.
To allow the required time to address your needs as thoroughly as possible in the initial appointment, we require you to complete the comprehensive Client Intake Form (10-15 minutes) before attending, which will be in your booking confirmation email.


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