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Mini Health Review $75 (30 minutes)

Choose from one of the below-
Supplement Review- to evaluate your current supplement and medication regime and adjusting where needed to ensure it is optimal for your individual needs. Factors we will look at include brands, drug-supplement interactions, dose, timing, quality, special requirements etc.
Dietary Intake Review- looking at your food and beverage intake and how your digestive system is currently functioning so we can make improvements to alleviate symptoms and improve nutrient utilisation.
Flower Essences- a consult to tailor make a remedy to help you deal with emotional and mental upset such as grief, anxiety, overthinking, major life events and changes, phobias, social fears, apathy and lack of concentration. Please note that using flower essences is not a replacement for other measures that are in place for the above and if greater care is needed, the appropriate professional support should be sought out.
Lifestyle Habit Formation- If you are struggling with sleep, energy levels, developing an exercise schedule or have one small area that you would like some advice for, we can go through this together and come up with some strategies (and remedies/supplements where appropriate) for you to overcome it.


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